Wisebells™ Squat Rack
Wisebells™ Squat Rack
Wisebells™ Squat Rack

Wisebells™ Squat Rack

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The Wisebells™ Squat Rack is made of heavy duty steel for durability. Built for performance, the squat rack can support up to 1100 lbs of weight. With adjustable features, it can be used for squatting and bench press, all while still compatible with  home gym spacing. The Wisebells™ Squat Rack also includes a double pull-up bar, 2 J-Cups, 2 safety spotter arms, and rubber end caps to prevent sliding/scratches.




Product Weight

90 lbs


86 inches


63 inches


51 inches

Steel Notes

2" x 2" 12 gauge steel

Weight Capacity

1100 lbs

*Plates and barbell not included*

Customer Satisfaction

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