Wisebells™ 660 Bench
Wisebells™ 660 Bench
Wisebells™ 660 Bench
Wisebells™ 660 Bench

Wisebells™ 660 Bench

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Introducing our new Wisebells™ 660 Bench. Our easy to use bench feature incline, decline, and flat adjustments. The Wisebells™ 660 Bench is easily foldable, allowing for convenient storage anywhere in your home! This bench can be stored inside your vehicle, closet, or under the bed. The foldable feature allows easy carrying anywhere; no assembly is required after folding.

660 Bench 

  • Includes arm rest allowing you to do various other exercises
  • Adjustable arm rest suitable for everyone
  • Heavy duty steel tube frame allowing for maximum support
  • Various degrees of incline/decline providing maximum adaptability for workouts, namely superior/middle/inferior pectoral exercises
  • Non-slip plastics underneath the bench provide safety and stability for your routine

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